The Restaurant

Our story began with the fortuitous meeting of two gentlemen who shared a passion for their respective crafts. One is skilled in the art of wine making and rugby, while the other is passionate about the diverse world of food and hospitality.

The food guy, along with a passionate food enthusiast and a skilled chef, collaborated to bring a recipe to life. This culinary team was complemented with awesome staff, and together they created Echt – a restaurant born from the perfect blend of love and passion for food and hospitality.

The vino guy had his son create and supply wines that perfectly complemented the essence of Echt, giving it structure and enhancing its flavour.

Our recipe pays homage to our respective heritage by incorporating local and Mediterranean influences. We strive to maintain the authenticity of our cooking, which is rustic, simple, and real. Combined with our beautiful setting and years of experience, we provide friendly service resulting in a unique dining experience we proudly call Echt.

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