The Burger family have become synonymous with rugby in South Africa as well as the world with Schalk snr and Schalk jnr becoming the 8th father and son to both play for South Africa. Schalk jnr going further and becoming the youngest player ever to become the International rugby player of the year in 2004. The past Rugby World Cup was his fourth. He now retired from Rugby is a Supersport analyst on TV and will come and mountain bike over weekends on the farm or for the casual, yet competitive golf game between the three Burger men in the family.

His brother Tiaan, a respected provincial rugby player in his own right, following his Agricultural studies started on the farm as the assistant winemaker and is now head of viniculture & viticulture. He also assists in the day to day running of the farm as well as major clients and International agents.

Rene, the only sister, following her dental hygiene studies, joined the business based in Johannesburg, 1,400 kilometres to the North of Wellington, as Brand Ambassador and services clients and Agents in the North.

Schalk snr, the entrepreneurial father of the family who acquired the land, designed the cellar and drives the marketing and farming side of the family, can always be seen in either his beloved vineyards, the tasting room or wherever you see his dogs which follow him all day.

Myra, the matriarch, is also found at the Manor Home or offices and she also runs the family guesthouse, Bradgate Manor House, where many clients, agents or visitors while their time in the beautiful Wellington valley. Other than that, she loves spending time with her five beloved grandchildren.

Many customers and International visitors come to the farm to catch a glimpse of the family or consume the wine.

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